Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lusso, Greenbelt

Value for money is what you will always get when you dine in Lusso, Greenbelt. Their meals range from P400 to P1000 and they always presented well.

Foie Gras Toast
Super awesome! The toast, sauce and foie gras go perfectly and you can also eat the portion of salad on the side if it's too rich for you.

Truffle Chips
My favorite appetizer. Tastes like heaven and you can really taste (and smell) the truffle oil.

Lobster Sandwhich
This was great as well. The meat was cooked perfectly and the sauce was not too strong. you can share it or finish it yourself!

Shepherd's Pie
I was not a fan of this.

Not a fan of this either...

Lobster filling up close

Foie Gras toast
worth it especially since it comes with salad and chips on the side