Monday, May 31, 2010

Kogi Bulgogi

Lately, J and I have been addicted to Korean Food, which lead us to try this new restaurant in Eastwood Mall, Libis. We ordered take out and check out what we got for PHP 800.:)

Marinated Spicy Chicken
J loved this since it was so tasty.

They were kind enough to give us extra sauce. Meat is tender though I felt that it was average.

Kimchi Pancake
This is my favorite. It's not the best I've had, though the serving is big and we weren't able to finish it. I prefer the Minato version since its a bit crispy on the outside of the pancake:)

Garlic Rice
The first time I ever tried their garlic rice, I was so happy that I started munching on it alone. Correction - J and I did. This visit though was highly disappointing, since it lacked the salty-garlic taste that was so strong last time. What happened? Inconsistencies disappoint me.

Side Dish 1: Dilis
Yes, this was free and I so loved it. It was spicy, salty and crispy too. yummmmm

Side Dish 2: Green Leafy vegetables
I have no idea what vegetable this is though it tasted as if it was steamed since there wasn't any flavor. It was still good though. Besides, anything free is perfect.:)

Side Dish 3: White/green vegetables
I also do not know what you call this one. Though it tasted like Kimchi, except they used a different kind of leaf.

Overall, this place is affordable and cheap. A meal here costs PHP 185 above each so it's pretty affordable. The service here is average however the staff are all friendly and polite. I also noticed that the manager checks on the staff and timeliness as well. Since the place is new, it's clean and comfortable.

Kogi Bulgogi
2nd Level Eastood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis

Quezon City

Friday, May 28, 2010


J and I always enjoy when we have the Ribs at Racks. We were craving for ribs so we decided to go to the El Pueblo Branch. Service here is quick and you get your food around 15-20 minutes after ordering. Food is great, except for the dry corn bread.:)

Again, you know your filipino if you prefer lots of extra  rice with your ribs (which is what we did).

Up close:)
Very tender meat

Gravy Fries
My new favorite:) Fries are crispy with enough salt and the gravy has bits of garlic so you enjoy the salty/garlic/ buttery taste. I shall return for you!:)


Overall, Racks is worth visiting since the ambiance is comfortable and friendly. The staff are friendly and the food is tasty and affordable (PHP 200-400 Plus per meal except for the side dishes). Love the fries and the tender ribs. I forgot to take a picture of the bbq sauce but its great especially if you put a few drops of the hot bbq sauce;)



El Pueblo Complex, Julia Vargas cor. ADB Ave. Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila
(02) 635-9986

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Discovery Suites

Breakfast at Discovery Suites, Ortigas is normal and average. Selection is quite limited and the only highlight of my breakfast was the croissant. They have the following:
1. Bread and Pastries - quite limited
2. Omelet Station
3. Sausages and bacon
4. Rice
5. Pancakes and Waffles
6. Hash Browns

The ambiance is comfortable and and relaxing since it's not as noisy as other hotels (Well, maybe since there aren't much people and it's not exactly a 5 star), service is good since they attend to your needs immediately however the food is nothing great. In fact, the only difference between this place and pancake house at the end of the street would be the cost of the food....and, maybe better waffles. 
Despite the not-so-great food, greedy and gluttonous me still had as much food as I could handle.:)

Pasig, Philippines
02 683 2222

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Penang Hill

I just wanted to share my Brunch at Penang Hill. J decided to order the Hainanese chicken rice. Unfortunately, I was too busy eating to remember taking a photo. I decided to have Pad Thai.

The serving is big and the pad thai is served inside the egg (which resembles an omelet). It was pretty good considering I have had crappy and worse pad thais. For me, Dusit's Pad Thai at Benjarong will always be the best in Manila. This one could be improved with less egg since after awhile, your meal will taste like plain egg already.

Penang Hill has average service. Ambiance is comfortable and the people are friendly. Cost would be around PHP 180 above per meal. Servings are quite generous so it would be best to dine with a few more people so you can share different entrees. I have tried their Mie Goreng, Rotti Pratha and Catfish Salad and they are all average for me. This is one of J's favorite places for his Hainanese chicken rice in for me?.... I have yet to be wowed.

Penang Hill, Shangri-la Plaza Mall

6/Lvl. Shangri-La Plaza Mall, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 910-2530

Other Branches: Greenhills and Robinson's Place Manila

Momo Cafe

 I Had lunch with J at Momo, Eastwood Mall. Its the ground floor restaurant near the escalator and you will alwas see this place full during rush hour or weekends. The food here is affordable especially since the servings are generous. I would definitely come back for their ribs and maybe their cocktails.

My creamed corn and carrot soup with Parmesan crusted bread on the side.
It tasted like squash to me. J liked this.

Complimentary Appetizer
I like the taste of the bread and most of all, that cheesy tapenade!

Yummy Ribs with Java rice, corn, onion rings and steamed vegetables
Awesome:) this is good for 2!

Yes, extra rice! You know you're filipino of you eat ribs with extra rice.

My yummy Melon and Lychee Shake
So refreshing:)

This is also a great place to catch up with friends since you can eat and even have cocktails. Ambiance is bright and comfortable.


Momo Cafe
Eastwood Mall Veranda

Eastwood Mall
E. Rodriguez Ave. (C-5)
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(63 2) 900-1006, (63 2) 900-1007

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Minato 3

J and I had our monthly date at Minato. located at Escriva since we always enjoy the food!

Yummy soup with tofu, egg and seafood
This is a bit spicy though really worth it. The seasoning is just perfect and I love that the soup is boiling when it is served. Comfort food!

Spicy Chicken
We tried this Dak for the first time and we loved the marinade. The chicken's taste is a bit sweet, spicy and salty.

Kimchi Pancake
My favorite

Minato is always reliable especially since the food, service and cost of the food are all great! The staff are so accommodating and the owner always checks to ensure quality. Value for money indeed.
Cheers to one of my favorite restaurants in Ortigas!:)
you may check my other links for directions to Minato:)

The Peninsula Manila's Breakfast Buffet

Pen's breakfast is good, though nothing compared to the selection of Makati Shang. Here are some of the stations:
1. Bread/ Pastry Section
2. Waffle and Pancakes
3. Cereals
4. Ice Cream
5. Chinese and Dimsum
6. Pork and Beef Section
7. Sushi
8. Shake and juice
9. Filipino Breakfast
10. Fruits

They do not have much variety compared to Shang, though my sisters and I noticed that the bread and pastry section is so much better than Shang's. The bread selection is more moist, fluffy and tasty. Service in the buffet area is also excellent and the crew notice your needs and ask for further assistance.
I enjoyed my breakfast dessert which was Ferrero Ice cream since it was creamy, and it tasted exactly like ferrero. hahaha! We all felt sick afterwards....
Cheers to more food!:)

The Establishment

We had drinks to celebrate my mom and sister's birthdays. We ordered different drinks, though I liked mine the most.

Chocnut Martini
I enjoyed this drink since it's sweet and you can hardly taste the alcohol. Check out the cocoa powder on top.

This was A's drink, and she said it was NOT good since it was too sweet for her. It tastes like different fruits combined with sugar:)

Establishment is always great since ambiance is so relaxing and cool. Another plus is that people don't look and stare at each other, unlike the other places in the fort strip. Service here is excellent ad the comfort room is clean. A minus is, you will end up paying alot since the drinks are 250 above here.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Macapagal Highway Dampa

I finally returned to my favorite Dampa in Manila! If you're interested, make sure you have the food cooked in: HongKong Restaurant - at the end of the narrow road, facing the bay. They have the best tempura;)

Awesome Salt and Pepper Crab with loads of fat!:)

The Legendary Tempura
I need to steal the recipe of the batter! So good!

Steamed Fish
Tasted fresh and clean.

We had vegetables with century egg and I decided not to take a photo since it doesn't look good. My family and I enjoyed so much and we ate it all with loads of rice and Pepsi Max. hahahah!
Have you ever tried this Dampa in Macapagal Highway? A must!!!!!!! Oh, and everything we ate cost us PHP 2000 only!
Cheers to more happy dampa days!:)

Burger King

I decided to have unhealthy Breakfast from Burger King last friday. I was glad with the service of BK. From the time i ordered from my car to receiving my order - I believe it only took 2 minutes. Quality service for me is always a plus.

Spam and Egg
Spam always makes me happy;)

Coffee was not that strong, just average.

The container is spill proof, unlike Mcdo and Jollibee. I carried the plastic and the cup was tilted the entire time. I kept checking to see if it spilled, and it didn't.

The highlight of my day: Catsup/ Ketchup. I am a Catsup Monster. :)
BK is definitely worth it. Service is excellent, food is great and affordable.

Cheers to more junk food!:)

Aling Nene's BBQ

Among all the BBQ's I have ever had, nothing beats Aling Nene's BBQ. Yes, I have tried: Heaven's BBQ, Aristocrat, Katipunan's Countryside, Inengs, etc. Everyone who has tried this BBQ would always swear by it.  

The meat is so tasty and the fat - even the burnt part - is AWESOME. You won't feel like puking especially since it has no after taste.
Make sure that when you order this, you get ORIGINAL. Avoid the SPECIAL since there's no fat and you would just be wasting your money;)

Up close;)

This vinegar goes perfectly with the BBQ. I would not recommend it for those who do not enjoy spicy food:) Oh! Please eat this with hot rice....mmmm...I am craving again!

You need to try this BBQ at least once in your life. Here are the details:
Delivery Hotline: 523-5245

Cheers to happiness for all of us!:)

2010 Ultimate Taste Test

The Ultimate Taste Test was held in NBC Tent last Friday, May 14. It was literally CRAZY. Parking, People, Entrance, Sound System and more People.

Here are my top 2 favorites!

Dulcelin - pasta, ribs and salmon
The pasta was so good! I rarely enjoy pasta outside my house, though this is just great! The sauce was rich and flavorful, while the pasta was al dente. ;)

Angus Tapa
Salty, slightly oily, tender with fat;)
This was the highlight of my evening. I have been craving for this Angus tapa ever since! There were so many people in line, and so many people trying to squeeze in the line just to try this! 

This event would have been more successful if:
1. The sound system would be upgraded - similar to Bose - haha! - seriously, the bad sound system gave me a headache and it did not help that the people using the microphones were shouting. I wish they knew that microphones no longer require people to shout, since they can simply adjust the volume. :)
2. Having actually FUNNY comedians, and not corny ones cracking corny political jokes.
3. Bigger venue with more parking
4. More convenient way to accommodate all guests entering the venue - people had to queue a block away from the tent
5. cleanliness - i saw cockroaches inside the tent - sad

Despite the few flaws this even had, I still enjoyed because I was with P and G and we got to share more funny/happy moments eating.
Thanks to P for covering my entrance fee.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cafe Breton

We decided to have our dessert in Cafe Breton, since it is a family favorite. The crepes here are always cooked perfectly and the taste of the crepe is a bit sweet. I also like the texture since it's not too thin plus it's crispy outside and soft/chewy inside.

Le Magnifique
Banana, nutella, whipped cream and almonds
This is awesome! the melted nutella on perfect crepe is the best! I love that the bananas were ripe and sweet and it did not have that sticky dry taste to it. 

Adam and Eve
Stewed Apples and cinnamon with vanilla ice cream
We usually order this when we crave for something sweet and cold at the same time. Perfect in my book!

Butter and Sugar
This is the favorite of my family. It will taste perfect if you order extra butter and put it on top.:)

This is always a great dessert place - not coffee, definitely. It has desserts for all kinds of people. Ambiance is average, as the space can be quite small; service - average as well; value for money - YES!

Cheers to more sweets!:)
Cafe Breton

1/F Greenbelt 3, Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-4125