Saturday, May 8, 2010

Breakfast at Shangri-la Makati

One of my favorite breakfast buffet places would be Shang Makati. It costs roughly PHP 1200 per person for a breakfast buffet. The buffet is diverse and it appeals to all kinds of food lovers.
Food stations include:
1. Chinese and Dimsum - offers different kinds of dimsum, noodles, etc.
2. Filipino - tapa, longganisa, etc.
3. Omelet Station
4. Bread and Pastry - selection of different kinds of bread, doughnuts, pastries and jams
5. Waffles, Bread Pudding and Pancakes - great!
6. Sushi, Miso Soup - lovely:)
7. Salad - the area I would not really care to look, though i noticed foreigners there
8. Meat Pies and Quiche
9. Cold cuts and cheeses
10. Indian
11. Sausages, Ham - loved their selection!
12. Cereal
13. Congee/ Lugao - with a lot of condiments
14. Fruits - mangosteen, mango, pineapple, oranges, kiwi, lychee, coconut, etc.
15. Shake Station - you can ask them to make one or you may get from the selected shakes they provide
16. Drinks Station

Awesome bibingka

The wide variety of food they offer make it worth the cost especially if you dine with people who have different food preferences. Service is quick, though it could be improved since its Shang, after all. You need to wave twice or thrice before someone sees you, though what you ask for is given to you in a matter of 10 to 20 seconds.:)
Sorry i was not able to take pictures. I wasn't feeling well today. Next time:)


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