Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Ultimate Taste Test

The Ultimate Taste Test was held in NBC Tent last Friday, May 14. It was literally CRAZY. Parking, People, Entrance, Sound System and more People.

Here are my top 2 favorites!

Dulcelin - pasta, ribs and salmon
The pasta was so good! I rarely enjoy pasta outside my house, though this is just great! The sauce was rich and flavorful, while the pasta was al dente. ;)

Angus Tapa
Salty, slightly oily, tender with fat;)
This was the highlight of my evening. I have been craving for this Angus tapa ever since! There were so many people in line, and so many people trying to squeeze in the line just to try this! 

This event would have been more successful if:
1. The sound system would be upgraded - similar to Bose - haha! - seriously, the bad sound system gave me a headache and it did not help that the people using the microphones were shouting. I wish they knew that microphones no longer require people to shout, since they can simply adjust the volume. :)
2. Having actually FUNNY comedians, and not corny ones cracking corny political jokes.
3. Bigger venue with more parking
4. More convenient way to accommodate all guests entering the venue - people had to queue a block away from the tent
5. cleanliness - i saw cockroaches inside the tent - sad

Despite the few flaws this even had, I still enjoyed because I was with P and G and we got to share more funny/happy moments eating.
Thanks to P for covering my entrance fee.

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