Monday, May 17, 2010

Aling Nene's BBQ

Among all the BBQ's I have ever had, nothing beats Aling Nene's BBQ. Yes, I have tried: Heaven's BBQ, Aristocrat, Katipunan's Countryside, Inengs, etc. Everyone who has tried this BBQ would always swear by it.  

The meat is so tasty and the fat - even the burnt part - is AWESOME. You won't feel like puking especially since it has no after taste.
Make sure that when you order this, you get ORIGINAL. Avoid the SPECIAL since there's no fat and you would just be wasting your money;)

Up close;)

This vinegar goes perfectly with the BBQ. I would not recommend it for those who do not enjoy spicy food:) Oh! Please eat this with hot rice....mmmm...I am craving again!

You need to try this BBQ at least once in your life. Here are the details:
Delivery Hotline: 523-5245

Cheers to happiness for all of us!:)

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