Monday, May 17, 2010

Burger King

I decided to have unhealthy Breakfast from Burger King last friday. I was glad with the service of BK. From the time i ordered from my car to receiving my order - I believe it only took 2 minutes. Quality service for me is always a plus.

Spam and Egg
Spam always makes me happy;)

Coffee was not that strong, just average.

The container is spill proof, unlike Mcdo and Jollibee. I carried the plastic and the cup was tilted the entire time. I kept checking to see if it spilled, and it didn't.

The highlight of my day: Catsup/ Ketchup. I am a Catsup Monster. :)
BK is definitely worth it. Service is excellent, food is great and affordable.

Cheers to more junk food!:)

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