Saturday, May 8, 2010

Little Tokyo Part II: Urameshiya

I love Little Tokyo. I have dined in 3 different restaurants and they all made me happy.:) Urameshiya is the most famous restaurant in the area, though it only opens at 5:00PM. At night, you will see loads of people, even Japanese, dining here with their Sake and sometimes even liver (gross, but some eat it raw), which is part of the set meals you can order.

Wagyu Set

The awesome tofu salad.
I am not a salad nor tofu fan, though this is worth trying. The servers always say: favorite of Gretchen Baretto (probably hoping to condition you to thinking that you will look as great as Gretchen after you eat it) weird, but we ordered it anyway. haha!

Awesome ambiance, good food and efficient service. Price will vary, depending on what you order. Always ask for help when ordering to be sure you get the best sellers.
I shall return:)

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