Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pepper Lunch

One of my favorite comfort food has always been sizzling...anything sizzling...and Pepper Lunch always satisfies my sizzling craving!
We usually eat in the Rockwell branch. You usually wait 5-9 minutes in line, depending on what time you arrive and your food is given 10-15 minutes after you order. Since the food is served on a sizzling platter, the meat is given raw and it's up to you to continue cooking it.
Note to self: Remember to tie your hair and wear thin clothing since it can get warm and the smoke of the food goes to your hair.

Beef Pepper Rice
Very affordable and reasonable for 200 bucks. The beef is very thin and soft so it cooks fast. I put sweet and salty sauce here. My sister C eats her meal with extra butter, which you can order:)

Hamburger Steak
This was average....I would have preferred the beef teriyaki instead

Cut steak
This had a weird after taste....as if they used a little fish marinade in it. Tasted different compared to the last time we dined here. We no longer complained since it was still good.

Pepper Lunch for me is alot better than Pepper Steak since it is not as salty. Service here depends on what time you dine since rush hour makes the waiting time longer. It is also so fun to "pretend" you are cooking something when all you're doing is turning the meat till it's cooked.
As for the food, the beef pepper rice and teriyaki beef will always be my favorite.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Junkfood Diaries: Jollibee Tapa

I ordered Tapa for breakfast the other day and I was worried it would be as hard as rock and as salty as the sea. I was surprised to find out that it was soft, a bit salty and had a garlic taste to it. Another plus was their vinegar masked the oiliness of the tapa, which had shredded fat in it.

Here it is...up close. This is how I want my tapa..soft, a bit salty and definitely consisting of shredded fat.
Cheers to cheap finds!:)

Momo Part 3

Momo is one of our favorite restaurants in Eastwood - I'm sure you would notice if you have been reading the blog. Service is fast and the food is good. J and I weren't that hungry so we decided to split our scallops pasta and try their frozen iced tea.

My share of the pasta
The strong garlic taste made it great! Noodles were al dente - perfect!

Dalandan Frozen Iced Tea
Refreshing and will really quench your thirst....I know, sounds like a commercial. I felt so much better after drinking their Iced tea. Not for the weight conscious freaks:)

Strawberry Iced Tea
J liked this also. :)

Cheers to more Momo Trips!:)

Yang Chow

Yang Chow Restaurant is located in Shopwise, Libis. Our favorites here include: steamed garlic fish fillet, yang chow fried rice and ofcourse, Siomai. The service here is average and depends on how many people are dining. Food takes 15 to 20 minutes to be served and the cost of the food ranges from PHP 100 to PHP 500.

This is what I usually order. They need to improve the chilli oil (and the best is from Le Ching) so that it can be more spicy and have a stronger garlic flavor.

Check out the menu:)

They deliver as well:)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Junk Food Diaries: Brother's Burger

Brother's Burger has awesome burger selections. I was surprised since delivery in Makati takes 15 minutes, which is definitely a plus. Food was delivered hot and the onion rings were still crunchy.

Check out my cheese steak sandwhich
This is my favorite!!!!!! Salty, creamy - because of the cream cheese and sweet because of the onions. It's oily, though I find it perfect!

Brother's Burger
J had two in one sitting. Do I need to elaborate?
Sorry for the bad shot. I was too hungry to care:)

Onion rings are a must!
The fries @ Brother's are not so great, so this is your next choice!

I always order extra onions when I eat at Brother's since it goes with all their burgers.

Total Bill: PHP595

Brother's Burger is definitely better than McDo in terms of the quality of their food. Both can deliver in 15-20 minutes and the food is served hot.
Time to detox:)


Junk Food Diaries: McDonald's

Every now and then, I crave for junk food especially during stressful weeks when I just want to enjoy after a crazy day. In my life, de-stressing = junk food :) McDo won since they deliver quickly....

This is what J always orders...

Check out the yumminess....this will definitely satisfy you especially if you buy large fries with it.

I usually order double cheeseburger since I psychologically feel it is less fattening. Please indulge me with my denial..:)

See, so much smaller, right?

McDo doesn't have the best burgers but its a place to satisfy your hunger since they deliver in 15-20 minutes plus the food is hot and affordable.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Costa Brava's Caramel Cake

My 2nd favorite cake of all (next to Yulo's Turtle Pie) is Costa Brava's Caramel Cake! Unlike other cakes, this is very light, the icing is not that sweet and you can taste the butter in it, especially when you eat the flowers on the side of the cake. This was my sister A's Birthday cake. P made me first try this at C's birthday. I had two slices. A and I finished almost the entire cake. hahahhahah!

Butter cake with yummy butter-caramel icing.

Please call Costa Brava for your orders and pick up is in Bel Air Makati. Details below.

Cheers to more caramel cake and happiness!:)

12 Polaris St., Bel Air 1, Makati City

Why I love Salcedo Market Part I

Salcedo Market is open every Saturday in Salcedo Park. All you have to do to find this place is take the road after Citibank Makati, along paseo, and follow where all the cars are going. Salcedo Park is along Leviste street. It is the most traffic area in makati every saturday morning. I usually go there at 8 or 9 since its too hot around 11pm. Parking here is crazy. You may want to park in the streets before leviste and just cross the street. Good thing I get the best parking since my office is right across the park.
Here are a few of my favorites:

This is better than the one served in Legaspi Market (which is open on sunday), since they use a sweet and salty sauce with japanese mayo, instead of catsup.

Forgive the bad pic, I was balancing my camera, wallet and Blackberry while clicking the cam.

Z's Sausages
To find this stall, just look for the most grumpy cashier in the market and you'll know immediately. She is very unpleasant although I try to ignore her since all I want is the hot and cheesy sausage.


Yes, I am a catsup fan!

close up:)

Pomelo Salad
J and I love the this and everything sold here. Its owned by a Thai lady and she is always smiling and greeting people. For PHP 120, it's worth it.

It also comes with chili flakes which is a must since it is perfect with the pomelo.

Salcedo Market is for everyone - families, couples, children, friends, call center agents (yes, alot of them eat here)...It will surely bring a smile to your face especially since there's food for every kind of person.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lorenzo's Way

My sister C treated us to lunch in Lorenzo's Way, Greenbelt. This is part of the LJC Restaurant Group (Cafe Adriatico, Abe, Fely J's, etc.). We enjoyed and feasted on "cardiac delight" food (good for the heart...at least for our family). Service here is fast and serving time is roughly 10 to 20 minutes. The ambiance is comfortable and cozy, plus the chairs are soft so you can sit and bond for as long as you want.

Chorizo Bilbao
Perfect with the oil!!!

Clams with garlic and olive oil
This was great and i love that they put a lot of garlic and herbs.

Kesong Puti
Not much of a fan of this, so it was average for me...

Weird Bread 
They shouldn't have given this since it looked and tasted odd. Like flour, water and cornstarch.

My favorite! The bagoong tasted homemade and it was perfect together. This one is good for 3-4 people since there's so much meat in it. The sauce was not watered down so you can imagine the rich peanut taste.

Crispy Pata
Crunchy Texture, Salty taste with the crushed garlic and soy sauce...awesome....:)

Aligue Prawns
My mom loved this. You need rice since the sauce is strong and can cause nausea for those who not used to it. A added calamansi to compliment the sauce.

Green Apple Martini
My sister A calls it: "green apple soda" since it didn't taste like martini and she didn't like it at all. Well, at least we know the food is good! just order water next time:)

Overall, this place is ideal for everyone. The service is a lot better than Mesa, the filipino restaurant next door, so that is a PLUS. Food is tasty and you can really taste the flavor of each dish and the place itself is conducive for bonding.


Golden Spoon - The BEST Yogurt

For those who hate the taste of yogurt, this is the best place for you...especially since th yogurt tastes like: ICE CREAM!!!! By the way, Yogurt can be spelled as Yogurt or yoghurt.
I have tried around 8 different yogurt places in metro manila and none of them taste like ice cream, except Golden spoon. We spent around PHP 300 for our "non-fat" yogurt. Golden spoon is located in Eastwood, Greenhills, Shangri-la Plaza and Magallanes and it's quite popular abroad. Service in eastwood is fast so you won't really have any issues. It's located near starbucks and people are people in the old area of eastwood city walk.

J's chocolate Yogurt with his non-fat toppings

Vanilla Yogurt with Graham Crackers

This will be my new favorite dessert for a long time.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The World's Best Meatloaf

Have you ever tried meatloaf that tasted like a burger? Or maybe meatloaf that tastes like mashed meat? I have it's just so disappointing - especially if it costs 300 bucks per order in restaurants. Trust me when I say that THIS meatloaf is the BEST that you will ever get to try. It's not from a restaurant nor a grocery. It's available in Makati and you can either order and pick up or you can just have it delivered for a few extra bucks. R bought this for his friends and all of them loved it as much as J and I do. Here it is:

Check out the yumminess. All ingredients are of good quality that's why every bite taste's like heaven. It also has a bilbao taste to it and you can either eat it alone or with rice. I think gravy or catsup can be added, though people prefer to eat it alone since it's salty taste is too good to mask.

This costs PHP 520 per loaf and can serve 2 to 3 people. You can order from:
Pick up is at Ritz Towers, Ayala Avenue, Makati
If you live in Makati, you can also opt to have it delivered for 10% delivery charge.

Cheers to finally eating a yummy meatloaf!:)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Here I am again at Momo's Eastwood. Once I like a restaurant, I obviously come back. This is one of the restaurants at Eastwood Mall that is always full during lunch time. The food is for sharing and priced reasonably. Service is average to efficient, depending on the number of diners.

Squash with bacon soup and Parmesan bread on the side
I like how smooth it is. They put just enough bacon to keep the flavor of the squash. J liked this

Parmesan Crusted Bread and Cheese Dip
This was on-the-house. The dip was salty and they put a lot of cheese in it and they go well with the bread.

Our favorite Ribs
We ordered extra java rice and extra sauce... which made this dish perfect. Meat was falling off the bone as it was tender and had a smoked-bbq taste.

I promise to try different dishes next time.


MomoEastwood Mall

G/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 900-1006