Monday, June 14, 2010

Why I love Salcedo Market Part I

Salcedo Market is open every Saturday in Salcedo Park. All you have to do to find this place is take the road after Citibank Makati, along paseo, and follow where all the cars are going. Salcedo Park is along Leviste street. It is the most traffic area in makati every saturday morning. I usually go there at 8 or 9 since its too hot around 11pm. Parking here is crazy. You may want to park in the streets before leviste and just cross the street. Good thing I get the best parking since my office is right across the park.
Here are a few of my favorites:

This is better than the one served in Legaspi Market (which is open on sunday), since they use a sweet and salty sauce with japanese mayo, instead of catsup.

Forgive the bad pic, I was balancing my camera, wallet and Blackberry while clicking the cam.

Z's Sausages
To find this stall, just look for the most grumpy cashier in the market and you'll know immediately. She is very unpleasant although I try to ignore her since all I want is the hot and cheesy sausage.


Yes, I am a catsup fan!

close up:)

Pomelo Salad
J and I love the this and everything sold here. Its owned by a Thai lady and she is always smiling and greeting people. For PHP 120, it's worth it.

It also comes with chili flakes which is a must since it is perfect with the pomelo.

Salcedo Market is for everyone - families, couples, children, friends, call center agents (yes, alot of them eat here)...It will surely bring a smile to your face especially since there's food for every kind of person.


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