Saturday, June 5, 2010

The World's Best Meatloaf

Have you ever tried meatloaf that tasted like a burger? Or maybe meatloaf that tastes like mashed meat? I have it's just so disappointing - especially if it costs 300 bucks per order in restaurants. Trust me when I say that THIS meatloaf is the BEST that you will ever get to try. It's not from a restaurant nor a grocery. It's available in Makati and you can either order and pick up or you can just have it delivered for a few extra bucks. R bought this for his friends and all of them loved it as much as J and I do. Here it is:

Check out the yumminess. All ingredients are of good quality that's why every bite taste's like heaven. It also has a bilbao taste to it and you can either eat it alone or with rice. I think gravy or catsup can be added, though people prefer to eat it alone since it's salty taste is too good to mask.

This costs PHP 520 per loaf and can serve 2 to 3 people. You can order from:
Pick up is at Ritz Towers, Ayala Avenue, Makati
If you live in Makati, you can also opt to have it delivered for 10% delivery charge.

Cheers to finally eating a yummy meatloaf!:)

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