Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lorenzo's Way

My sister C treated us to lunch in Lorenzo's Way, Greenbelt. This is part of the LJC Restaurant Group (Cafe Adriatico, Abe, Fely J's, etc.). We enjoyed and feasted on "cardiac delight" food (good for the least for our family). Service here is fast and serving time is roughly 10 to 20 minutes. The ambiance is comfortable and cozy, plus the chairs are soft so you can sit and bond for as long as you want.

Chorizo Bilbao
Perfect with the oil!!!

Clams with garlic and olive oil
This was great and i love that they put a lot of garlic and herbs.

Kesong Puti
Not much of a fan of this, so it was average for me...

Weird Bread 
They shouldn't have given this since it looked and tasted odd. Like flour, water and cornstarch.

My favorite! The bagoong tasted homemade and it was perfect together. This one is good for 3-4 people since there's so much meat in it. The sauce was not watered down so you can imagine the rich peanut taste.

Crispy Pata
Crunchy Texture, Salty taste with the crushed garlic and soy sauce...awesome....:)

Aligue Prawns
My mom loved this. You need rice since the sauce is strong and can cause nausea for those who not used to it. A added calamansi to compliment the sauce.

Green Apple Martini
My sister A calls it: "green apple soda" since it didn't taste like martini and she didn't like it at all. Well, at least we know the food is good! just order water next time:)

Overall, this place is ideal for everyone. The service is a lot better than Mesa, the filipino restaurant next door, so that is a PLUS. Food is tasty and you can really taste the flavor of each dish and the place itself is conducive for bonding.

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