Monday, June 14, 2010

Costa Brava's Caramel Cake

My 2nd favorite cake of all (next to Yulo's Turtle Pie) is Costa Brava's Caramel Cake! Unlike other cakes, this is very light, the icing is not that sweet and you can taste the butter in it, especially when you eat the flowers on the side of the cake. This was my sister A's Birthday cake. P made me first try this at C's birthday. I had two slices. A and I finished almost the entire cake. hahahhahah!

Butter cake with yummy butter-caramel icing.

Please call Costa Brava for your orders and pick up is in Bel Air Makati. Details below.

Cheers to more caramel cake and happiness!:)

12 Polaris St., Bel Air 1, Makati City

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