Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pepper Lunch

One of my favorite comfort food has always been sizzling...anything sizzling...and Pepper Lunch always satisfies my sizzling craving!
We usually eat in the Rockwell branch. You usually wait 5-9 minutes in line, depending on what time you arrive and your food is given 10-15 minutes after you order. Since the food is served on a sizzling platter, the meat is given raw and it's up to you to continue cooking it.
Note to self: Remember to tie your hair and wear thin clothing since it can get warm and the smoke of the food goes to your hair.

Beef Pepper Rice
Very affordable and reasonable for 200 bucks. The beef is very thin and soft so it cooks fast. I put sweet and salty sauce here. My sister C eats her meal with extra butter, which you can order:)

Hamburger Steak
This was average....I would have preferred the beef teriyaki instead

Cut steak
This had a weird after taste....as if they used a little fish marinade in it. Tasted different compared to the last time we dined here. We no longer complained since it was still good.

Pepper Lunch for me is alot better than Pepper Steak since it is not as salty. Service here depends on what time you dine since rush hour makes the waiting time longer. It is also so fun to "pretend" you are cooking something when all you're doing is turning the meat till it's cooked.
As for the food, the beef pepper rice and teriyaki beef will always be my favorite.

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