Monday, July 5, 2010

Jozu Kin Restaurant

J and I decided to eat at Jozu Kin (Jozu - "skillful" and Kin - "gold") the other night since we wanted to have sushi. The ambiance is perfect for those who are stressed since it is comfortable and relaxing. The service here is fast and the servers immediately respond to your glances - and you no longer need to wave your hand, which is a plus for me! I enjoyed the food and it was worth it. They claim that they fly in ingredients from Japan, so that must be it!

My favorite - California Maki

Check out the yumminess!

Salmon Sashimi
Awesome texture and taste:)

Foie was good, though it would have been perfect alone:)

Upclose:) Foie Gras heaven

Tekka Maki
Nothing great, though it was definitely fresh!

Miso Soup

I shall return especially for the tempura, which is their best seller!:)


Jozu Kin
Unit ES-2 Forbes Town Center,
Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City,
Tel. No. 403-1875

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