Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pizza Hut

I got to satisfy my craving for stuffed crust pizza the other day when J and I had one delivered.......awesome! We ordered the bacon supreme, though instead of bacon, we asked them to put beef for us to think we were being healthy. haha

Posting this makes me want another one...with lots of hot sauce!

My favorite part....:)

Pizza Hut will always be my favorite pizza place since they have stuffed crust. Service is prompt and efficient plus food is soooooo gooood! By the way, my former nutritionist L told me that I could only eat 1 slice of pizza since it's so fattening. Just a disclaimer for those who want to get thinner! For those who prioritize happiness, this is a must! Next time I will try the sausage stuffed crust and cheesy pops!:)

Cheers to more junk food!:)

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