Monday, July 26, 2010


Jipan is one of my favorite places to go since they have delicious food and really yummy bread. I would usually drop by the Glorietta branch to buy their MONROE Bread since it tastes like croissant!!!!
J and I ate at the Megamall Branch after we spent an hour in Forever 21 and the Gun Show.
I got an awesome meal since its a bento set:

Tuna Sashimi
sooooo gooood!

Miso soup (also part of my bento set)
If you notice there are tempura crumbs in it. A huge plus for me;)

My main course: Chicken Katsu
This has been my favorite since I was a child. The chicken was crispy. Sauce was the usual katsu sauce and the serving was generous.:)

J's Zaru Soba
He practically orders this everywhere however he claims that the zaru soba from this restaurant is the best:)

Bread Selection
The chocolate croissant, Monroe bread and their diet breads are all tasty. I will return for their blueberry bread since it looks heavenly. The best thing about this place is that they serve new bread everyday. Alot of people really take time to buy their bread. I also see some Japanese customers here, so that should be a good sign.:)

If you plan to visit, you can either go to the one in Glorietta or Megamall. Both stores have pleasant staff.


(63 2) 633-5990

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