Monday, July 12, 2010

Stevie's Hainanese Chicken

My family and I finally got to try the famous Hainanese Chicken of Stevie. May I announce that EVERYONE is correct and accurate in describing the yumminess of this chicken! Ah love it! My sister A ordered 2 so that we can try both types of rice. She called two days before and we picked it up in Bel Air. The ladies that brought the food to our car were friendly and quick.

I've tried Hainanese Chicken rice just about everywhere in Singapore and this one is exactly the same! The chicken is soaked in the broth which is why it is so tender and juicy when you eat it! We probably ate 3 to 4 plates each!

Ofcourse, the following will make the chicken more awesome:

Ginger Sauce
Sooooo yummy!

Soy sauce
This was sweet and was similar to the one in Singapore.

Chili oil
Tasted so good! I just wish they gave us more of it!

Chicken Rice
You can put the broth on top to make it better!

Olive Rice
We preferred the chicken rice....this was too much and it sort of masks the taste of the chicken.

By the way, the awesome flyer has attached instructions and it says: do not reheat the chicken!;)
See you soon STV!

Cheers to more Hainanese for all of us!:)

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