Monday, July 12, 2010

Junkfood Diaries: Baked Chips from Healthy Options

My former awesome nutritionist, L taught me to buy baked chips since it's healthier than my favorite lays and kettle chips. I decided to buy this brand from Healthy Options. It was the most decent looking baked chips I could find and I did not notice the cost till I was paying for it. The price is equal to two bags of Lays or two Bags of Kettle Chips....and to think the container is smaller!:)
To cut the long story short, I finally got to try my "less fattening" and "expensive" chips and it tasted like.....nothing. hahahha. The bits are similar to the consistency of Pringles, though the taste just lacks everything - salt, cheese and sour cream. I guess that's why it's low fat:) My sister A tried it and walked away;)

see? I finished it!

I guess I would probably buy this again since the Nutrition facts look better than my Cheetos and Ruffles:)

Cheers to desperation!:)

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