Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Junkfood Diaries: Army Navy Burger

Army Navy is my new favorite burger here in Manila. Next would be Wham Burger from Katipunan. Check out the picture of the "regular" burger....soooooo good!

Posting this makes me crave for another one.:)
The bread they used is moist and good. The regular burger is served with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. I ordered extra cheese and onions :) I love how juicy the burger is and the meat they use is perfect.

Freedom Fries with cheese (additional topping)
This one has a peppery taste and is not as salty though it surely is crunchy.

The take-out bags are eco-friendly:)

Alot of people dine in the Glorietta 5 Branch - even foreigners! The service is a bit slow since they cook everything upon receiving your order. The staff need customer service training too! Though if you're not particular with service and in need of a good and affordable burger, army navy is a must try!
Check their website below to see what other food they offer.

Cheers to army navy!:)

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