Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Junkfood Diaries: Army Navy Burger

Army Navy is my new favorite burger here in Manila. Next would be Wham Burger from Katipunan. Check out the picture of the "regular" burger....soooooo good!

Posting this makes me crave for another one.:)
The bread they used is moist and good. The regular burger is served with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. I ordered extra cheese and onions :) I love how juicy the burger is and the meat they use is perfect.

Freedom Fries with cheese (additional topping)
This one has a peppery taste and is not as salty though it surely is crunchy.

The take-out bags are eco-friendly:)

Alot of people dine in the Glorietta 5 Branch - even foreigners! The service is a bit slow since they cook everything upon receiving your order. The staff need customer service training too! Though if you're not particular with service and in need of a good and affordable burger, army navy is a must try!
Check their website below to see what other food they offer.

Cheers to army navy!:)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Jipan is one of my favorite places to go since they have delicious food and really yummy bread. I would usually drop by the Glorietta branch to buy their MONROE Bread since it tastes like croissant!!!!
J and I ate at the Megamall Branch after we spent an hour in Forever 21 and the Gun Show.
I got an awesome meal since its a bento set:

Tuna Sashimi
sooooo gooood!

Miso soup (also part of my bento set)
If you notice there are tempura crumbs in it. A huge plus for me;)

My main course: Chicken Katsu
This has been my favorite since I was a child. The chicken was crispy. Sauce was the usual katsu sauce and the serving was generous.:)

J's Zaru Soba
He practically orders this everywhere however he claims that the zaru soba from this restaurant is the best:)

Bread Selection
The chocolate croissant, Monroe bread and their diet breads are all tasty. I will return for their blueberry bread since it looks heavenly. The best thing about this place is that they serve new bread everyday. Alot of people really take time to buy their bread. I also see some Japanese customers here, so that should be a good sign.:)

If you plan to visit, you can either go to the one in Glorietta or Megamall. Both stores have pleasant staff.


(63 2) 633-5990

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pizza Hut

I got to satisfy my craving for stuffed crust pizza the other day when J and I had one delivered.......awesome! We ordered the bacon supreme, though instead of bacon, we asked them to put beef for us to think we were being healthy. haha

Posting this makes me want another one...with lots of hot sauce!

My favorite part....:)

Pizza Hut will always be my favorite pizza place since they have stuffed crust. Service is prompt and efficient plus food is soooooo gooood! By the way, my former nutritionist L told me that I could only eat 1 slice of pizza since it's so fattening. Just a disclaimer for those who want to get thinner! For those who prioritize happiness, this is a must! Next time I will try the sausage stuffed crust and cheesy pops!:)

Cheers to more junk food!:)

La Creperie

Crepe has always been one of my favorite desserts. Check out what I had in La Creperie in Eastwood Mall, Libis:

Butter Sugar Crepe
Yes, I know it lacks fruits, ice cream and more fat. Believe it or not, I actually prefer my crepe as simple as possible. The best butter sugar crepe is from cafe breton. This will do for now:)

Nutella Crepe
J liked this one.

The place is comfortable and the service is far better than cafe breton.

This is posted right above the door so that you can read it as you leave the cafe. It sure put a smile on my face, hope it does the same for you:)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Stevie's Hainanese Chicken

My family and I finally got to try the famous Hainanese Chicken of Stevie. May I announce that EVERYONE is correct and accurate in describing the yumminess of this chicken! Ah love it! My sister A ordered 2 so that we can try both types of rice. She called two days before and we picked it up in Bel Air. The ladies that brought the food to our car were friendly and quick.

I've tried Hainanese Chicken rice just about everywhere in Singapore and this one is exactly the same! The chicken is soaked in the broth which is why it is so tender and juicy when you eat it! We probably ate 3 to 4 plates each!

Ofcourse, the following will make the chicken more awesome:

Ginger Sauce
Sooooo yummy!

Soy sauce
This was sweet and was similar to the one in Singapore.

Chili oil
Tasted so good! I just wish they gave us more of it!

Chicken Rice
You can put the broth on top to make it better!

Olive Rice
We preferred the chicken rice....this was too much and it sort of masks the taste of the chicken.

By the way, the awesome flyer has attached instructions and it says: do not reheat the chicken!;)
See you soon STV!

Cheers to more Hainanese for all of us!:)

Junkfood Diaries: Baked Chips from Healthy Options

My former awesome nutritionist, L taught me to buy baked chips since it's healthier than my favorite lays and kettle chips. I decided to buy this brand from Healthy Options. It was the most decent looking baked chips I could find and I did not notice the cost till I was paying for it. The price is equal to two bags of Lays or two Bags of Kettle Chips....and to think the container is smaller!:)
To cut the long story short, I finally got to try my "less fattening" and "expensive" chips and it tasted like.....nothing. hahahha. The bits are similar to the consistency of Pringles, though the taste just lacks everything - salt, cheese and sour cream. I guess that's why it's low fat:) My sister A tried it and walked away;)

see? I finished it!

I guess I would probably buy this again since the Nutrition facts look better than my Cheetos and Ruffles:)

Cheers to desperation!:)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zao Vietnamese Bistro

J and I decided to "eat healthy" right before we buy our movie food (which is equal to nachos, cheese sticks and popcorn). Zao is located on the 2F of Eastwood Mall. The service here is nothing special, though we enjoyed since we were the only ones dining here - which could also be a bad sign. Haha! Our food took 10-18 minutes to be served.

Fresh Rolls
With pork, shrimps, noodles, beensprouts, greens and a peanut dipping sauce
I am no expert with healthy food, though the peanut sauce went well with the roll::)

Seafood Pho
Rice noodle soup with squid, fish balls and shrimps

Herbs for the Pho:)

Stuffed Tofu
with minced pork and mushrooms

Zao is nothing great. It can be compared to Pho Hoa and Pho 24 since they are all the same to me. Though I believe Pho Hoa is more expensive since they have bigger servings. I love to eat vietnamese when I "pretend" to be healthy, which is once in a blue moon. So I shall ponder on whether I will return or not. Perhaps I will try their bbqs:)

Texas Roadhouse Grill

A new favorite of mine is Texas Roadhouse Grill in High Street, Fort. Why? Great food, EXCELLENT SERVICE and comfortable ambiance. I usually dine here after work when I'm exhausted so it's pretty much non-peak hours (5-6pm) and the service is consistently great. Another plus is the wi-fi:)

Full Rack Ribs with corn and french fries
This is perfect with extra bbq sauce. The meat is soft and tender and you can really taste the marinade.

Extra order of their fried rice
Yes, how filipino!:)

If you haven't eaten here, you should! They have big servings and you can share multiple dishes. The service alone will make you keep coming back! - especially when you're used to the TGI Fridays service. hahahahha

Texas Roadhouse Grill, Bonifacio High Street

B1 Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 856-1547

Friday, July 9, 2010

Isshin Again!

I am sure you've noticed my love for Japanese food. J and I had brunch here the other day since we were starving after working in QC. What's awesome about this restaurant is that service is fast, food is good and it's open for 24 hours.

Salmon Sashimi
Love it....:)

Sukiyaki (good for 1-2 people)
I wasn't able to finish this. It looks small but it's alot:)

J's Zaru Soba
He loves this...I still don't understand why...after 4 years..:)

The Best Peachy Peachy

J took me to Arny and Dadings since I was craving for Peachy Peachy. As you can see, I had them put EXTRA CHEESE! I can't remember how much I paid, though its around PHP 200 or less for 2 orders. It takes around 3-5 minutes to prepare your order and it tastes so good! They have different branches and the newest one is across JT's Manukan in Gilmore, Quezon city.


Cheers to more Peachy Peachy for us!:)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jozu Kin Restaurant

J and I decided to eat at Jozu Kin (Jozu - "skillful" and Kin - "gold") the other night since we wanted to have sushi. The ambiance is perfect for those who are stressed since it is comfortable and relaxing. The service here is fast and the servers immediately respond to your glances - and you no longer need to wave your hand, which is a plus for me! I enjoyed the food and it was worth it. They claim that they fly in ingredients from Japan, so that must be it!

My favorite - California Maki

Check out the yumminess!

Salmon Sashimi
Awesome texture and taste:)

Foie was good, though it would have been perfect alone:)

Upclose:) Foie Gras heaven

Tekka Maki
Nothing great, though it was definitely fresh!

Miso Soup

I shall return especially for the tempura, which is their best seller!:)


Jozu Kin
Unit ES-2 Forbes Town Center,
Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City,
Tel. No. 403-1875