Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Bombay

New Bombay Restaurant is located in Greenbelt, The Columns Makati, San Juan, Glorietta 4 and Podium. All branches have been consistent with the portions and taste of the food. The service, is a different story. J and I enjoyed our dinner in the Greenbelt branch and we did our best to ignore the lousy, crappy, indifferent staff. If you're looking for a place that has good food, great ambiance and friendly staff, this isn't it, unless you order take out.:)
So this is what we decided to have:

Chicken Tikka Masala
My usual favorite when I have indian food. We asked for medium spicy, which was perfect!

Spinach Cottage Cheese
J loves this, especially when eaten with the Naan Bread.

Not much of a favorite of mine since it lacks taste, which by the way is really the case when you order the plain ones.

Basmati Rice

We finished everything. The best thing about indian food is that it's heavy, so we didn't really feel hungry even 4 hours after.
You can try this place since the cost of the food is reasonable. Meal's cost PHP 200-400 so it's affordable compared to the other Indian restaurants in town. I have no idea if it's authentic, though I usually see Indians dine here so it must be a good sign.
Don't expect efficient service and you'll be fine. Oh! The Podium branch is alot better.


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