Saturday, June 19, 2010

Junk Food Diaries: Brother's Burger

Brother's Burger has awesome burger selections. I was surprised since delivery in Makati takes 15 minutes, which is definitely a plus. Food was delivered hot and the onion rings were still crunchy.

Check out my cheese steak sandwhich
This is my favorite!!!!!! Salty, creamy - because of the cream cheese and sweet because of the onions. It's oily, though I find it perfect!

Brother's Burger
J had two in one sitting. Do I need to elaborate?
Sorry for the bad shot. I was too hungry to care:)

Onion rings are a must!
The fries @ Brother's are not so great, so this is your next choice!

I always order extra onions when I eat at Brother's since it goes with all their burgers.

Total Bill: PHP595

Brother's Burger is definitely better than McDo in terms of the quality of their food. Both can deliver in 15-20 minutes and the food is served hot.
Time to detox:)


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