Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yang Chow

Yang Chow Restaurant is located in Shopwise, Libis. Our favorites here include: steamed garlic fish fillet, yang chow fried rice and ofcourse, Siomai. The service here is average and depends on how many people are dining. Food takes 15 to 20 minutes to be served and the cost of the food ranges from PHP 100 to PHP 500.

This is what I usually order. They need to improve the chilli oil (and the best is from Le Ching) so that it can be more spicy and have a stronger garlic flavor.

Check out the menu:)

They deliver as well:)


  1. swear not to come back to this resto! superrrr bad customer service and policy of resto is out of this world

  2. same here! will really never go back to this restaurant with idiot manager and staff!!!
    we never enjoy the food!!!