Monday, May 31, 2010

Kogi Bulgogi

Lately, J and I have been addicted to Korean Food, which lead us to try this new restaurant in Eastwood Mall, Libis. We ordered take out and check out what we got for PHP 800.:)

Marinated Spicy Chicken
J loved this since it was so tasty.

They were kind enough to give us extra sauce. Meat is tender though I felt that it was average.

Kimchi Pancake
This is my favorite. It's not the best I've had, though the serving is big and we weren't able to finish it. I prefer the Minato version since its a bit crispy on the outside of the pancake:)

Garlic Rice
The first time I ever tried their garlic rice, I was so happy that I started munching on it alone. Correction - J and I did. This visit though was highly disappointing, since it lacked the salty-garlic taste that was so strong last time. What happened? Inconsistencies disappoint me.

Side Dish 1: Dilis
Yes, this was free and I so loved it. It was spicy, salty and crispy too. yummmmm

Side Dish 2: Green Leafy vegetables
I have no idea what vegetable this is though it tasted as if it was steamed since there wasn't any flavor. It was still good though. Besides, anything free is perfect.:)

Side Dish 3: White/green vegetables
I also do not know what you call this one. Though it tasted like Kimchi, except they used a different kind of leaf.

Overall, this place is affordable and cheap. A meal here costs PHP 185 above each so it's pretty affordable. The service here is average however the staff are all friendly and polite. I also noticed that the manager checks on the staff and timeliness as well. Since the place is new, it's clean and comfortable.

Kogi Bulgogi
2nd Level Eastood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis

Quezon City

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