Monday, May 17, 2010

Macapagal Highway Dampa

I finally returned to my favorite Dampa in Manila! If you're interested, make sure you have the food cooked in: HongKong Restaurant - at the end of the narrow road, facing the bay. They have the best tempura;)

Awesome Salt and Pepper Crab with loads of fat!:)

The Legendary Tempura
I need to steal the recipe of the batter! So good!

Steamed Fish
Tasted fresh and clean.

We had vegetables with century egg and I decided not to take a photo since it doesn't look good. My family and I enjoyed so much and we ate it all with loads of rice and Pepsi Max. hahahah!
Have you ever tried this Dampa in Macapagal Highway? A must!!!!!!! Oh, and everything we ate cost us PHP 2000 only!
Cheers to more happy dampa days!:)

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