Sunday, October 3, 2010

Best Ilocano Food

If you ever decide to have a food trip in Ilocos, here are just "some" of the yummiest food (and very affordable too!) you can find:

1. Miki
A noodle soup with hard boiled egg. Perfect when eaten with puto and bread sticks plus loads of ilocos vinegar.

Miki Up-close:) 
The noodles have an eggy taste to it but it goes perfectly if you add of spicy sukang ilocos! You can also ask for extra soup if you want;)


Bread that was rolled, dipped in bread crumbs and deep fried to crunchy heaven.
It funny how filipinos enjoy eating carbs, carbs and carbs:)
2. Dawangs Carinderia 
A whole in the wall restaurant in Laoag and it is open for breakfast. Food here is cheap but really good and authentic. J's mom refuses to eat here:)
What resembles thinly sliced liempo with tomatoes. 
It's super good when you add spicy sukang ilocos:)

I can't remember what this is. M, J's brother ordered this one with his Insarabasab.

Pinapaitan Baka
Sampalok and Bile flavored stew of tripes and innards
I was afraid to eat this because i normally do not eat anything with bile in it. It has a strong taste but it gets better as you eat more. It would help to not think of what it's made of...that's what i did! The meat is tender and thinly sliced.

3. Good Dinakdakan

Tito B got take-out dinakdakan from this place. 

Grilled pig head/ face

The meat is very tender and the sukang ilocos compliments it perfectly. It's similar to sisig, but it's not crunchy.

4. Food @ Mario's

This open air restaurant has a great ambiance and different kinds of Ilocano food that you can order. It's located near Fort Ilocandia, Laoag.

5. Ilocos Empanada

There are different places to buy this in Laoag or Batac. There are mixed reviews but for me, as long as I buy it in Ilocos, I'm good!

Rice flour with achuete, egg, monggo and vigan longganisa
This is sooooo good! Extremely crunchy and flavorful! Usually served with ketchup, though I prefer the ilocos suka. If your vegan, you can opt for the regular empanada, which doesn't have longganisa. Some places serve this with cheese inside. I guess I'll just try it next time!

Can you see how worth it this is?:)

6. Biscocho Bread
Pasuquin Bakery has been protecting its recipe ever since because so much people flock to this place for their bread. It's so tasty and soft that you can eat it alone. Or perhaps dip it in coffee and add butter:)

7. Pancit Cabagan
Pancit from Cagayan but is available in Laoag. 
Round noodles, julienned cabbage and carrots, boiled quail eggs and a generous amount of lechon de carajay slices.
This pancit is very heavy but so good! I mix all the sauces together.

sauce # 1: toyo with crushed onions and chili

sauce # 2: egg drop soup
It's like gravy...haha

Sauce # 3: calamansi

8. Ilocos Bagnet
To be eaten with Sukang Iocos or LechonSauce/Mang Tomas

Ilocos Bagnet can be found everywhere, but it's cheaper if you buy it in the wet market before going home to Manila. All you have to do is deep fry it at home. Make sure you separate the fat from the meat so it's easier to cook. You can store the extra portion in the freezer and it will keep.:)

9. Ilocos Longganisa
I prefer this to the vigan longganisa since it has more garlic and the size of the longganisa is bigger:)

Ilocos is such an awesome place to eat and get fat. There's always a different place to eat in. Plus, their spicy suka pretty much goes well with EVERYTHING. I am so excited to come back to binge and spend time with J's family.

Cheers to happy days!:)

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  1. I have always loved Ilocano food and I think you've just laid out the best dishes there is (all hail Bagnet and Longganisa!) I wish more Ilocano dishes will be served near schools. It makes school a whole lot easier :))

    I've never heard of empanada but I'm going to try making one but my sauce would be... mayo :)

    Great post! Thank you :D