Monday, April 5, 2010

Mi Goreng Instant Noodles

Have you ever tried this brand of Mie Goreng from Indonesia? It is THE BEST instant noodles you will ever have. And when I say best, meaning EVERYONE loves it. Throughout the years that my family was living in Indonesia, this was one of the things I always asked for. Everytime I would give friends, they would all enjoy the taste and ask for more. Now, it is available in all Matahari stalls located in SM Megamall, Market Market, etc. Good luck with finding this since its usually out of stock. I caught a Korean couple hoarding all of it at 11am when the stocks were just delivered. I was ready to fight them for it with my small fists and my limited knowledge in close quarter combat (thanks to J). Good thing they still left some.;)
My sisters also brought home some from Bangkok. Now I know what I'll be eating all week;)

I am so happy:) May this bring you joy as well! Hahahha


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  1. Thank you very much! been searching for Indomie since I came back to the Philippines. Been cooking Indomie for almost a year when I was in Europe. Weird 'no? Europe and then Indomie? You see, my friends were mostly Indonesians and they would cook for me. So what we have always are Indonesian food, and that's how I learned to appreciate their cuisine.

    Again, thank you very much!!!