Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vargas Kitchen ADOBO

Have you ever had the ADOBO from Vargas Kitchen? Oh my gosh.....Thanks to my sister A,  and ofcourse her boyfriend Julio, I am now able to enjoy the greatest adobo in the Philippines. This adobo isn't easily available. You need to pre-order and it comes in a big container, good for 20 people. It is salty, oily and peppery. The after taste is like vinegar with pepper and pork. I also love this simply because it has no sauce, instead, it has ORANGE oil.  As you can see, the adobo is shredded, unlike the adobo you order in a restaurant. It seems as if it was cooked for several days.

Check it out!!!!!!

Cheers to awesomeness!:)

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