Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amoroma, Tagaytay - Worst Service Ever

My friends and I decided to have lunch in Amoroma, Tagaytay. If it weren't for my friends, I would have thrown a fit due to HORRIBLE SERVICE.
1. We got our food almost 1 hour after we ordered - the lady said my Risotto takes 15 minutes. Hello.... 60 minutes is very far from 15 minutes!
2. P complained (in the nicest possible way) to the owner (Italian) and you won't believe what he said: "It's a sunday! Come back monday!" - First of all, it was a SATURDAY. Next, he didn't apologize for the delay. Talk about rude and improper. Oh, and his tone was just so condescending. I have met Italians before and they were all more pleasant than him.
3. We got the bill 10 minutes AFTER we asked for it THRICE!
4. The worst part about this place is the FOOD IS NOT GOOD. I would rather go to Italiani's! I don't understand why people say this place is good. Its overrated and tasteless. P didn't like her food as well.
Anyway, at least I know never to return:)

Mushroom and Cheese
Tastes like rice and local cheese.:(

Cheers to knowing where NOT TO GO NEXT TIME!:)

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  1. I disagree in this post, our family experience in this restaurant in tagaytay is very good. everything we ate is superb! I suggest not to go there on weekends, it full packed and you will really wait for your food to be served. anyway, we went here saturday also, full! but food came just right. we understand it took some time for some food to be served longer than we thought especially the risotto, but it's worth it. we enjoy every single bit of their food. we suggest you try their pizza, ravioli, scaloppine and their heavenly tiramisu. God Bless!