Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nihonbashitei Steak

My new favorite Japanese Restaurant is Nihonbashitei. If you're looking for a teppanyaki place that's a bit on the fun side, this is where you can take your family or friends, except if there is a Senior Citizen. Service here is average (since the waitresses need to smile and show life), though the food is great!

Appetizer: Salmon Sashimi
A good appetizer before starting with teppanyaki

Here it goes....
Strictly not recommended for Senior Citizens:)

This is Peter. You need to look for him when you dine here since he is the only warm and enthusiastic person in the restaurant. I am unable to take the picture with him juggling different laddles, condiments and food...don't worry, no knife juggling here:)

Check this out: he breaks the egg halfway through flipping it in the air. It lands on the laddle sideways and it cracks to allow the contents to spill on the's amazing that the shell did not even fall off. This was the highlight of my day:) haha

And another trick:)

Next time, I will order an extra fried rice after he is done cooking it, just so I can watch again...I am just amazed with the egg trick!

Regular Steak
We started with the most normal dish :)
This is good, though compared to the Japanese steak, it's so poor.

butter heaven....

Who needs veggies when there's steak?
It was tender even if it was the local steak.

Remember to ask for spoon and fork. We forgot about it. Prawns tasted fresh and it was juicy!

Japanese beef
Check out how marbled it is!

One more more more time...

HEAVEN..... The meat was the most tender ever and the seasoning was perfect. Can you see the fat? It pretty much melts in your mouth. I can eat this Forever.:)

Sauce for seafood and sauce for the steak

Here is the menu...our bill was around 3900, if I remember correctly. :)

I can't wait to return since the food is great and it's so fun to watch Peter cook. Alot of people dine here so they have valet parking for the convenience of customers. This place is near the skyway entrance in Makati:)

Cheers to more Japanese Steak!

800 A. Arnaiz Avenue
Makati City
Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 818 8893, (02) 818 8894

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