Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flapjacks for Breakfast

I had breakfast in Flapjacks, Greenbelt with my mom and Sisters. The ambiance reminds you of Pancake house with more space and better service. I would pick this any day to Pancake house since the staff are more efficient.

Vigan Longganisa with 2 eggs
My mom and my sister C had this one and it's pretty good especially if you ask them to burn the longganisa a bit so it can be slightly crunchy.

Tapa with 2 eggs
Tapsilog is great comfort food and I was happy with what they served.

See the texture? It's perfect with the vinegar!

Perfect condiments for the filipino breakfast

Sausage, Egg and cheese on english Muffin and Hash Brown on the side
This was A's order. She is like an american when she eats. I didn't try this but she said its good. The muffin looks moist, unlike the one they have in Mcdo. haha

Dessert: Banana Pancakes
Awesome! I am a pancake critic and this was great and moist. It was sweet and buttery and you even have the option to skip the syrup- my sisters did not agree.:)

Moist, fluffy and yummy!

Exactly like pancake house with better food and service!;)

Cheers to more big breakfasts!:)

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