Saturday, August 7, 2010

Junk Food Diaries: Sandy's Pizza

I have never been a fan of pizza, but I have to say that this is worth trying. Sandy's Pizza is located in the Katipunan/ White Plains area and they just opened a branch in Makati, behind Rockwell. They have a wide range of flavors and the beauty about this place is they can deliver with different kinds of pizza flavors. Their best seller is the White Pizza - all cheese.

J and I decided to eat the garlic chorizo and the Beef and mushroom
I love that you can eat more than 2 slices since it's not as oily as Yellow cab:)

The garlic chorizo is so good...cheesy, salty and tasty;)

This beef and mushroom was average. Next time, I'll be more adventurous and I'll try their adobo:)

I would definitely choose this over oily yellow cab and dry shakeys. Pizza hut still has my heart since they have stuffed crust:)

Sandy's Pizza Makati and White Plains
Delivery Hotline: 721-8334/ 721-8329 (45 minutes to deliver)

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