Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Razon's is a filipino fastfood restaurant serving affordable dishes. They serve you the food 5 minutes after you order and food is your typical filipino bestseller dishes. They also serve breakfast and most branches deliver. 

Arroz Caldo
J's order. He has been eating lugaw lately since he's dieting. He claims it's good. I think the serving is a bit small. It's one of the cheapest dishes on the menu. Haha

Sizzling Sisig
I had to try this since I am a sisig fan. I have to admit, this was really good. It was crunchy and they served the egg well done, which was what I requested.


There are over a dozen Razon's restaurants all over Metro Manila. It's a good place to have cheap filipino food when you're in a hurry. They say the halo-halo and ensaymada are really good. I shall try it next time.


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