Sunday, March 21, 2010

Behrouz, Persian Cuisine

Behrouz in Metrowalk is pretty affordable. You will end up spending around PHP 400 or more for 2 people, depending on your appetite. The place is a bit old and rustic however I don't mind since the service is fast! I am not that fond of Persian food, though I still enjoyed myself!

Liver with Tomato and Onion 
I don't usually like liver unless its goose liver, though this is pretty good:) Tastes like butter!

Humus and Pita

Beef Kabab
Jay wanted to be healthy so he ordered kababs and pita. 

Extra order of tomatoes and onions

Chelo Kabab Makhsos
Basmati Rice, Beef Tenderloin, with a side order of grilled tomatoes and butter
This was my meal! I know, it's more than Jay's! This was so heavy! If my body could afford it, I would've ordered 2 more extra butter for my rice;) Jay helped me finish it of course;)

Cheers! :)

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