Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My 2009 Boracay Trip, despite the horrible weather reports, turned out to be fan-so-freakin-tastic!

Blue Water, Sun, sand...awesome company....Life is great!

View from Boracay Regency
while having breakfast

My pasta from Aria
al dente!

chori burger = perfection
we even got a few germans to try it!

#1 Way to De-stress:)

My prawns from Aria

My favorite Longga Burger
We shall meet again...

My Mango cake from Lemon i Cafe.... (horrible service though)

yummy eel sushi!

Gasthof Mashed Potatoes
If it weren't for the calories, I would've had another order.

Ribs my love....

a must for everyone!

My new favorite place:) yay!

Oreo and chocolate:)

Mango cream crepe

The forecasted typhoon was in the other island. Thank God.

Moussaka from Zuzuni

This is peace.

Boracay is sinking..... sad but true.
I shall see you again this 2010.
Till then, I will dream of longga burger, chori burger, crazy crepes, my Gasthof ribs....and the beautiful view you get when its off season:)

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