Thursday, March 4, 2010

Singapore 2010

Singapore 2010

Boon Tat Street

Drinks stall

Rotti Pratha

This was really great! so spicy and fresh!

I could not eat these. Though everyone else liked it!

prawns were great also, and cooked just right!

More foreigners are here at night. They close the street to set up the tables so people can eat.
Sometimes you'll see cockroaches and bugs crawling on the floor, though people don't seem to mind.

These were spicy though challenging to eat.

I am not quite sure why people recommend the chilli chicken wings. It just average for me.

I ordered my Pratha from him...

Check it out!

Something I will never try again. Too much pineapple and apples with a weird sauce. Its a popular dish, though not for me.

Jimmy, our newfound friend brought us here to taste the different Singaporean we ate whatever he gave us;)

Dimsum was interesting and tasty even without the sauce.

My 4th hainanese dish:)

Ice cream sandwich from a stall along Orchard Road

The Singapore Night Safari was interesting. It was well organized, fun and entertaining.
Couldn't see much of the animals though, perhaps daytime would have been a better choice.

Glow in the dark store


The Merlion

Boon Tong Kee
Turned out to be average after all. I prefer the chicken in Boon Tat street. More tasty, plus the rice is more moist and flavorful.:)


More hainanese chicken for me:)

Walking along Orchard Road. My 2nd favorite place in Singapore

I have no idea what he was doing, though he is very flexible. The beads didn't touch the ground at all. People would really donate money in his box.

This was interesting

Cakes in Jade Garden

Tori Q...My family's favorite....its the best ever. I wish we could franchise this in Manila.

The Ion @ Orchard
Its a huge mall with an interesting design.

Side of Ion

Took this picture for Chari:)

In front of the Prada Store along Orchard Rd.

A rarity in Manila
Birds in Singapore are not afraid of people. Its fascinating to watch them:)

Another temple

An old temple turned to a museum. Lots of people were entering, though I didn't have the time to go and check it out.

Singapore 2010

Overpass to China Town Central

Check out the Stalls with the Chinese lanterns

One of the malls in chinatown

Holland Village Food Court

My first meal in Singapore! I can't remember what its called, though I bought it since lots of locals were ordering. The cost depends on how much food you have on the plate. This cost around $2.80. The chilli made the whole meal taste so good. It was sweet, salty and spicy at the same time. A bit oily, but yummy!

I have a lot of memories in Singapore over the years, and not all of them happy.
This year's trip to Singapore was light, enjoyable and a great learning experience for me.
And I have the following to thank:
My Tita's generosity (that I stay in her awesome house), the spicy food, great company, new friends and the once in a lifetime Thiagi Workshop.
It was a blast!:)

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