Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pancake House

It's been awhile since I had breakfast at Pancake House. I make it a point to avoid this place since service is usually bad. I don't understand the rationale behind not hiring enough servers when this is usually full of customers.

My smoked Golden Tinapa
Yes, I "tried" to be healthy and ordered this instead of my tocino:) It wasn't that bad. It tasted

take 2

Jay ordered his bangus

Breakfast at Pancake would've been perfect if I had ordered a bacon waffle for dessert. Maybe next time!
This branch (Petron Gas station along South Super Highway) had above average service - compared to the usual below average score the other branches get. Waiting time did not take too long and the food was worth the PHP 500 bucks.

Cheers to the hope of Pancake House improving their services in the future.

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