Saturday, March 27, 2010

Floating Island Restaurant, MMC

St. Luke's will always be my favorite hospital. Though for today, we had to go to Makati Med since my sister needed to see the doctor my family consults with from time to time. We had lunch after the good news!

The garlic taste of the gambas was so strong. I loved this. Oily, tender and kind of food!

Adobo Rice
This is a staple here. We ordered 2 for the 4 of us, though we only finished one. So you might want to consider this next time. We all liked the adobo rice. Tasty and moist.

Crispy Pata
We had the small order, though it did not really seem small since we couldn't finish it. I so loved this as well. The sauce complimented the pork and it's not that oily.

Can you see the texture and yumminess?:)

Vegetables for mom and ate:)

We had Dad's favorite siopao. I don't understand why people like siopao....
My sisters and my mom said its not the same anymore.

Here is the entrance and our food server:)

For those who prefer take out, you can order here:)

We also had turon and vanilla ice cream. I no longer took pictures since they did not look appetizing. The turons were wrapped in plastic (perhaps so it is easier to eat?), which completely freaked my mom out. We found it so funny! It was good ofcourse! You can never go wrong with the combination of turon and ice cream:)

We enjoyed ourselves here though when we got home, we all felt so sleepy. The food was good however they put MSG for sure! Maybe when you dine here, you can ask them not to put MSG especially if you're allergic. Enjoy!


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