Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My Number 1 Favorite Korean Restaurant
This is it. The Korean Restaurant with awesome tasting food! My boyfriend and I eat here religiously. Good friends of ours shared this secret a long time ago. Well its not much of a secret anymore since its full of people during dinner time. Half of it is a Japanese Restaurant which also seems inviting.
Its located in Estero Street, Ortigas. There is a Korean Grocery beside the place.

Greens for the bbq and kimchi pancake


Marinated Beef Ribs
You will lovvvvvveeeeee!


This soup is a bit spicy. It has a lot of tofu and seafood. Its sooo goood!
This is a must.

The sauces of Minato and the taste of the food is very different from the other Korean Restaurants I have tried. It will leave you asking for more. Service here depends on what time you go. The servers are pretty attentive and friendly most of the time.

Hope to catch you here soon:)

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