Friday, March 26, 2010

Pamana Restaurant, Tagaytay Part II

I was happy to visit one of my favorite restaurants in Tagaytay. I love Filipino food. Service was a lot faster than I recall, though it worries me since they may have pre-cooked the food? Or am I just paranoid? Dinner was lovely;)

Kare-Kare up close;)
Meat was tender!

I would have wanted the food to be hotter.

Ilocos Bagnet
I ate most of the Bagnet since Jay was in love with the Kare-kare. Honestly, the real Ilocos Bagnet tastes so much better than this one. Though this was crunchy enough.

We ordered their best sellers and I find them average. My favorite would still have to be the Binagoongan.;) (Check my previous post)

Here is the menu for you guys!

The bill came in this tiny chest.

Pamana is always a great place to go since the cost of the food is affordable, ambiance makes you feel just at home and the servers attend to you efficiently. It is just along Aguinaldo Highway, near Boutique so it is easy to find. 


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  1. saw this place already before. i didnt think twas any good, next time ill try it. thanks sis!

  2. if we were to eat there as a group of 8 persons, would it be enough to order one plate per dish? is that enough so that everyone will be able to taste the dish? merci!