Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jone's is a diner in Greenbelt with a comfortable ambiance, as long as you avoid sitting near the restroom, since the space is too small even for just one person. Ordering here is tricky since some dishes are not that great. A meal for 1 person will cost around PHP 300. Not bad, considering the servings are big.

Fish and Chips
This is my favorite. Fish was crispy yet moist and cooked perfectly inside. The batter is not too salty. You also have 3 different sauces so you don't get sick of the same taste. I enjoyed this alot!

Macaroni and Cheese (with truffle oil)
This meal was yummy and filling. It is not too rich so it will not make you nauseous, unlike the mac&cheese from Lusso, Greenbelt.

Meat Loaf
This was a mistake. I suddenly missed my family's awesome and tasty meat loaf. Gab got it perfectly when she said it tastes like...."hamburger meat." It came with mashed potatoes, bacon and egg.  

Looks good, though it tasted average.

This is a nice place to catch up with people since its comfortable and the cost of the food ranges from 300 to 700, depending on what you order. I saw people ordering milkshakes, though I was too afraid to get bulges from it;)
I will post more pictures as soon as my hard drive files are retrieved....fingers crossed!


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