Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pepper Lunch

I have always enjoyed dining at Pepper Lunch. Despite the waiting time, I find the experience of so-called "cooking" fun, plus the food is tasty and affordable. There are mixed reviews for this place, however I truly find it worth it.

Beef Teriyaki
Jay enjoyed this one. He said its tasty. I believe him, especially since he kept to himself till the entire meal was consumed.

My raw cut steak

This was gooood! Just enough beef and fat to make you smile. Plus, you can mix the 2 sauces on the table to suit your taste.

I have also tried Pepper Steak, which is similar to Pepper Lunch. I highly prefer Pepper Lunch since the food is less salty and the meat is softer.
See you soon;)

The Power Plant Mall
Concours Level
Power Plant Mall
at Rockwell Center
Makati, Metro Philippines
Tel: +63 2 895 3164
Fax: +63 2 895 6185

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